$199.99 CAD $399.99 CAD

Experience effortless, stylish riding with the 6.5" Hoverboard! Our hoverboard offers seamless navigation and advanced auto-balancing, making it easy to learn and ride. Impress others with your smooth movements as you effortlessly glide from Point A to Point B. Trust in the state-of-the-art technology for a safe and enjoyable ride every time.


Hard ABS Outer Body Casing with Dual LED lights on the wheel

Aluminum Wheels with Solid Rubber Tires

Weight Limit: 222 lbs (100kg)

Minimum Weight: 44 lbs (20kg)

Speed: 6.2 mph (10 km/h)

Range: 9.3 Miles ( 15 Km)


1.Bright Lights (headlights)

2.6.5 inch wheels

3.Battery: Lithium-Lon 36V/4.4 AH Certified battery

4.Voltage: In: 100-240v Out: 36v

5.Size: 58.4*18.6*17.8 CM

6.Wireless Bluetooth Speaker